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Are you in search of a perfect piece of jewellery for your neck? Do you love pendants, but are bored of the same old designs? You’ve reached the correct page. A pendant is an exquisite accessory, perfect to adorn the neck of any man and woman and fit to add grace to your outlook. Seven Rocks Jewellers has the perfect collection of charming andunique  pendants and necklaces for men and women to give you the appealing look you are wishing for. 

Pendants for Her

These designerunique pendants by Seven Rocks Jewellers will make you fall in love. Have a look at the exquisite collection of pendants for women. 


  • Iced Weed Leaf Pendant- If you are in search of an elegant andunique necklace pendant to go well with your chic dress, this pendant is the perfect match. It is an iced out piece which is finished to a high standard, with a beautiful design. The carving of Cubic Zirconia diamonds makes it a lovely piece and it comes with a sleek chain to hold it on your neck.
  • Iced Woke Pendant- Looking for somethng cool and funky? Search no more! This Woke Pendant by Seven Rocks Jewellers is a perfect amalgamation of style and luxury. It can enhance your cool look, and can also go well with a formal or a party-wear look. Made with an 18 k Gold finish for extra shine, this piece turns heads wherever you go!
  • Rose Gold Queen Pendant- Rose Gold is the new trend. Ladies love to get hold of rose gold accessories, and this adorable pendant gives proper justice to its rose gold colour. With beautifully carved diamonds into the shape of a “Queen”, this pendant is perfect for everyday wear, so that you can enhance the feeling of royalty that resides within you. It is accompanied by a rose gold franco chain of 21 inches. 
  • Love is Pain Pendant-This pendant is one of a kind and aunique pendant with the beauty and precision it is created. It comes in two eye-catching shades- Rose Gold and White Gold. This piece comes with an 18k Gold finish, and a franco chain of 17 inches or 21 inches to choose from. It is completely nickel-free and made of pure gold and original diamonds. 
  • Crucifixion Yellow/ White Pendant-This unique cross pendant for women, which signifies Christian devotion, is a beautiful piece perfect for any woman. It is made with 925 sterling silver and has a beautifully carved sculpture of Lord Jesus in yellow gold. It weighs only 16.8 grams and is an iced-out piece, designed for extra shine. The meticulous attention to detail given in this pendant will leave you awe-struck. 
  • Savage Pendant- This beautiful pendant is as shiny as it can get. It comes with original cubic zirconia laboratory diamonds of Class A. It is completely free of nickel, elaborated with an 18 k white gold rhodium finish, and is designed for extra shine. This savage pendant is sure to give you a dazzling look, no matter what outfit you wear it with. 
  • Angel Pendant- This is another piece by seven rocks jewellers with marvellous precision work. It is beautifully designed to catch the eye of every woman with its white gold rhodium finish and cubic zirconia diamonds. This pendant weighs as light as 10.2 grams and can be worn every day to adorn your neck. This eye-catching piece is difficult to ignore and is a must-have for your collection. 


  • Iced Grinning Face with Heart Eyes Emoji- This cute pendant by seven rocks jewellers is a piece out of its collection of emoji pendants. It is a unique diamond pendant engraved with diamonds and heart eyes and a smile in violet colour. This necklace in white gold is sure to add bling to your look. It is a must-have for ladies who love accessories, especially pendants. 
  • Note Pendant-This simple, sober yet elegant piece is a perfect pendant for music lovers. It is a light piece with a weight of only 6.2 grams and can be worn on daily basis. It is made of 18 k White Gold Rhodium and is finished to a high standard. Engraved with Laboratory Diamonds, this necklace is a great piece for lovers of minimal accessories. 
  • Success Key Pendant- If you are looking for the key to success; we have it here! This eye-catching pendant comes in two designs- White Gold Finish and Yellow Gold Finish. The meticulous attention that is given to the details while carving this beautiful pendant leaves you mesmerized. It is a must-have for your collection with its iced finish and 925 silver core material. 

Pendants for Him

Whoever says pendants aren’t for men is completely wrong. Check out this amazing collection of pendants suit to rock the outfits of every man!

  • Blessed Pray Hand Pendant-This nickel-free pendant made of rose gold is finished to high standards to give it an extra shine. It is made of 925 Silver Core with 18k rose gold finish. The diamonds engraved in it are class A cubic zirconia diamonds, with beautiful carving done with precision. This iced out piece is aunique pendant for the modern man.
  • Jesus In Arch Pendant- You will be surprised to see how this little pendant carries an exquisite sculpture of Lord Jesus in an arch. This pendant is for the lover of Jesus, and its great design makes it a perfect match with every outfit. It is an iced out piece, finished to high standards, and can be worn every day, to keep Jesus close to your heart.
  • Tasmanian Devil (Looney Tunes) Pendant- This cute little pendant is an accessory that is a cool and voguish piece. It goes best with casual outfits, to give you a cosmopolitan look. It weighs just 9.9 grams and can be carried every day. This shiny piece is perfect to adorn your neck. 
  • Lion With a Crown Pendant- This pendant is perfect for men who love to live a life of luxury.  It is carved with cubic zirconia diamonds, with a lot of precision. This eye-catching pendant comes with an option of a franco chain of 20 inches, that can add four moons to the pendant, and your whole outlook when you wear it. 
  • Drip Water Pendant Rose Gold- This beautiful pendant in rose gold is aunique men’s pendant and a perfect piece of accessory for the modern man. It is finished to a high standard and designed for extra shine. Made of 925 silver core, this pendant comes with an exquisite design and diamond carvings. The 18k rose gold finish makes it hard to miss a piece. 
  • Unruly Pendant- This pendant comes with a beautiful design, which is sure to turn heads. Whether you wear a formal or a casual outfit, this pendant completes your look. It has a finish of 18 k gold rhodium, which makes it extra shiny. This ravishing pendant is free of nickel and is made up of 925 silver core. 
  • Stay Up Pendant (Large)- This large pendant is quite heavy, with a weight of 26.1 grams, and is meant for men who love to carry accessories. It is a shiny piece with class A cubic zirconia diamonds and a beautiful design. It is meant to adorn your neck with its high-end finish in 18 k gold rhodium. 
  • Goat Pendant- This goat pendant is the Greatest of all times! Thisunique pendant is delightfully stunning with its rose gold colour and diamond carvings. This iced out piece is made of 925 silver core and does not contain nickel. It is meant to complete your dazzling look and adorns your neck, no matter what outfit you wear. 
  • Eagle Pendant- If you are looking for a pendant that enhances every look you wish to master, this eagle pendant by seven rocks jewellers is for you only. It is engraved with original class A laboratory diamonds, making it a glossy piece. This pendant comes with a franco chain in silver colour and is a must-have for every modern man. 
  • The Crucifixion of Jesus Pendant- This pendant is one of the mostunique silver pendants and an eye-catching piece out of the collection of pendants by seven rock jewellers. It is made with 925 silver core, with an 18k gold rhodium finish. The base is of white gold with diamonds engraved, while the sculpture of Jesus is beautifully carved in rose gold colour, making it a stunning piece. 

So what are you waiting for? We know that multipleunique pendant options for men and women have caught your eye till now. So why buy one? VisitSeven Rocks Jewellers to lay eyes on more such drop-dead gorgeous pieces, and buy as many as you want!

shiva ji
shiva ji

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